Trakke Camo Assynt 17

We love this one. Not only does it take its shape and waxed cotton hardiness from the golden era of mountaineering, and not only will its internal laptop sleeve keep business away from your sweaty pleasure, but it just looks sooo good. £180, buy on

Jim Bag Camel Duffle

British-born Jim Bag has one simple idea – to strike the balance between traditional functional sports bags that only look good in the locker room and high-end weekend getaway bags that you’d be reluctant to use for your gym kit. We’ll let you check out the range, including this weighty drawstring duffle, and judge whether or not Jim Bag has nailed it (clue: it has). £34.99, buy on

Fjallraven High Coast 24

Live in a shoebox with barely enough room for your stuff, let alone a bag? Let this outdoorsy trooper overcome that little obstacle. Even though it’s big enough to carry all your day’s provisions, and even though it’s constructed from heavy-duty fabric panels (albeit lightweight ones), this smart carry-all cookie packs away into its own front pocket. £60, buy on

Knomo Cromwell

Like an inverted version of the mullet haircut, this weather-resistant do-it-all bag keeps the pleasure up front with ample space for your trainers and T-shirts, and business in the back with a dedicated sleeve for organising your office essentials. That roll-top design allows you to super-size when you need it, too. £89, buy on

Ron Dorff Tri-Porter Sports Bag

A bit of an eye-rubbing price, sure, but the Scandi-Parisian brand has thrown some serious style, function and quality at this thing. And ballistic nylon and calf leather don’t come cheap. £350, buy on

Carhartt Military Duffle

Workwear master, streetwear king and lord of the outdoors, Carhartt has keep things simple but slick, with a padded and lined duffle that’d be at home by your work desk, pushed into your locker or used as a pillow when camping in a forest. And with the unfussy camo green colour scheme, you can bet that it’ll stay in fashion for years to come. £85, buy on

Weekend(er) Drawstring Backpack

Just like the one you had at primary school for your short shorts and plimsolls, only a bit more expensive, a whole lot smarter and not littered with Jammy Dodger crumbs. We’re in awe of how Japanese brand Weekend(er) has made the PE staple legitimately cool – something to do with the bang-on details, like the little carabiners holding onto your strings, the screen-printed label and the trippy camo print. £42, buy on

Arket 2017 Top-Load Duffle

A newcomer to London’s Regent Street, Arket is a Swedish concept store from omnipresent fashion bigwig H&M, which opened an outpost filled with “high-quality, long-lasting products at an affordable price” in August 2017. There’s a very Scandi coffee shop in there too. Treat yourself to a cardamom bun and a strong black filter after picking up one of these minimalist beauties. £79, buy on