There’s no reason at all to stop cycling when the winter arrives in the UK. Well, that’s not entirely true. There are plenty of reasons – mainly that it’s colder and darker. Perhaps it’s better to say there is no reason to stop cycling in the winter if you have the right gear.

To tackle the cold you need layers that keep your warm without making you too sweaty. To combat the dark, and the danger that you won’t be seen on the road, you need reflective gear.

Here is our round-up of the best reflective cycling clothes and accessories.

Proviz REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket

Let’s start with the king of reflective jackets. Proviz hasn’t bothered with small reflective patches here and there – it’s just gone ahead and made the entire jacket out of a fabric that contains millions of reflective beads. It’s so reflective that it can give you quite the fright when your phone’s torch beam falls on it in a dark room, if you’ve forgotten you’ve put it there. The REFLECT360 Plus is a little more streamlined and breathable than the standard Proviz REFLECT360 jacket (£79.99), making it a better pick for faster riders keen to avoid sweating too much. £109.99, buy on

Resolute Bay LS1 Commuter Jacket

For a more stylish option than the Proviz look no further than this stripy sensation from Resolute Bay. In the daytime it’s a sleek grey number that won’t look out of place wherever you wear it, and then at night the reflective stripes appear to make you incredibly conspicuous. £120, buy on

Sportful Reflex 2 Vest

If you already have a load of non-reflective cycling clothing it might be easier to pick up this gilet to throw on over the top of it, rather than buying a whole new wardrobe. Large reflective patches that wrap from the front to the back of the vest ensure you will be spotted from all sides while riding. £40, buy on

dhb Flashlight Jersey

If you’re the kind of chap who spurns cycling jackets no matter how cold it gets, you’ll need your jersey to have reflective details… and ideally huge fluorescent patches on the front and back, for daytime visibility. This dhb jersey has craftily-placed reflective sections on the arms and back pockets, along with reflective trims, so you’ll be seen from all angles. £44.99, buy on

Respro Ankle Bands

You’d be bullied for wearing these in school, so thank goodness those childish days are over and we can visibility the respect it deserves. Your ankles and feet are great places to slap some reflective gear because they are extra visible to other people as they whirr around with your pedals. These slap-on bands are luminous yellow on one side and reflective on the other. £17.99, buy on

Proviz Reflect360 Bike Helmet

Do you want your head to shine like a beacon as you cycle? Of course you do – not only does it make you extra visible to others, it also makes you look like you’re constantly having excellent ideas. If you already have a helmet then Proviz also sells a waterproof, reflective helmet cover (£19.99) that will make your noggin extra shiny at night. £79.99, buy on

Altura Night Vision Windproof Gloves

It’s especially important to be seen when you’re indicating, so pull on a pair of these reflective gloves for your winter riding. £19.99, buy on

Respro Sticker Kit

For a cheap and easy solution to your night-time visibility concerns, try plastering your bike, rucksack, clothes and helmet with these reflective stickers. £9.99, buy on

Proviz REFLECT360 Backpack

The most reflective jacket in the world will do nothing if it’s hidden away behind a black backpack. Once again we turn to the master of visibility, Proviz, for a rucksack that will shine through the night. It also has a nifty ventilation system that allows air to flow between the pack and your back to avoid unwanted clamminess. £69.99, buy on

HUMP Rucksack Cover

If you are too attached to your non-reflective rucksack to buy the Proviz, this shiny cover is worth picking up for the winter months. £34.99,