The world’s most innovative new chefs aren’t writing cookbooks anymore – they’re posting their culinary creations on instagram. Here’s how to give your own kitchen skills an instant boost.

1. @FitMenCook (aka Kevin Curry)

Chef’s top tip: “I love using avocado or natural nut butters in place of butter in my recipes. It’s an easy way to increase your intake of key nutrients like omega 3.”

2. @MacroChef (aka Spencer Miller)

Chef’s top tip: “You can use healthier ingredients like mashed banana or pumpkin to make bases for most baked goods. This reduces the amount of butter you need to use to keep it moist.”

3. @ChefBianco (aka Michael White)

Chef’s top tip: “One of my favourite cooking methods involves roasting a whole fish, such as sea bass, marinated in a mixture of salt and egg whites. Then just drizzle lemon juice and high quality olive oil over it to serve.”

4. @ProteinPow (aka Anna Sward)

Chef’s top tip: “I’d strongly recommend investing in a set of high-quality silicone bakeware. It’ll remove the need to oil or grease your pans before cooking, and make them extremely easy to clean.”

5. @ProteinChef (aka Hannah Davies)

Chef’s top tip: “I like using Greek yogurt to add extra creaminess to meals. You can substitute it for cream in plenty of dishes, including savoury ones such as fajitas or curries.”